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Kabbalah Talisman

Has every day become an unending struggle? Is life passing you by, and you’re not getting everything out of it as you hoped? No matter what your problem may be, we have the answer.
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All living things respond to the elemental, primal forces of nature. If you would own these forces, if you would make them one with yourself so that you might achieve success in all things, then you must obtain one of these miraculous Mojo Bags before the extremely limited supply vanishes. more >


Fact: Every famous rock star, sex symbol, powerful and rich person came out of nowhere. But each of them owes his/her success to an Exu.
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We are proud to announce the most requested Audio Program HOW TO USE OCCULT SECRETS, THE COMPLETE SERIES, 3 AUDIO PROGRAM SET.

In this 3 set complete series we cover everything you need to make the impossible possible.
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The  Occult Force on USTREAM

Everything you know is about to change.

For your entire life, you have lived in a vacuum, one designed to keep you down, to blind you to the truths of the universe, to subjugate and blind you. It has been this way since men first gathered into tribes and communities. In every group there are those few at the top controlling all those below them. They have done this through strength of arms, but also, they have done this with magick!

The secrets pieced together over the ages have been jealously guarded by priests and kings and warlocks. None that have ever been made privy to these incredible powers have ever revealed what they have learned. The pharaohs built Egypt, the Caesars raised Rome, the Kennedys carved out an empire, as have the Kardashians, and none of them have ever shared how it was they crawled above the rest to rule in comfort.

Now--at long last--the only remaining priests on Earth who still have access to all the magical energies the planet contains have banded together in an attempt to balance the scales. To once and for all give the entirety of humanity the chance to fulfill their greatest dreams.

Thanks to this brave gathering of monks and shamans, you are about to enter a world of unbelievable power. With the magical shields and weapons they have placed at humanity's disposal, the future of mankind is about to be forever altered. Do understand, however, the staggering potential made possible by using the information found on this site is not to be taken lightly. To do so, would be more than fool-hardy; it would be dangerous in ways most people can barely comprehend.

The magicks being revealed to you here are not merely playing pieces in some juvenile parlor game. The secrets presented here are not toys meant for bored teenagers to play with when their Ouija boards and tarot cards no longer amuse. This web site is a guide to power unimaginable. Please, do not take this statement lightly.

Take a moment and think about those words.



The products being offered here are the most powerful magical devices ever created throughout all of human history. They are the means by which all worldly desires might be obtained. They are the basis for a system of sorcery that both created and destroyed the greatest empires of the ancient world. They are, quite simply, the most tremendous, overwhelming force ever devised.

And now ... they can be yours!

To do with as you please!

The eleven magic spells to find, attract, and get with absolutely any man you want.

Gary Brodsky, author of best-selling book HOW TO USE THE POWERS OF DARKNESS has been learning and teaching the secrets of how to use simple magic to attract, and get absolutely any man. Learn More

How to Use the Powers of Darkness

IMAGINE being able to control those around you. Imagine having sexual powers beyond your wildest dreams. Imagine fearing no one. Imagine having the ability to create your own infinite source of wealth. Imagine wielding the power to bend the laws of nature. No matter what you can imagine, it can be yours. Learn More

How To Use Black Magic To Get Women

Thousands of years ago, when men ran the world and women did as they were ordered, these spells were already ancient, gifted to humanity by the greatest practitioners the dark arts have ever seen. Learn More

Powerful and Effective Candles Work for You!

Love Attraction Candle Financial Gains Candle Restore Happiness Candle Power Pyramid Candle
Love Attraction Attract Financial Gains Restore Happiness The Power Pyramid

Whatever it is you desire--wealth, fame, sex, power--these candles are your instant ticket to happiness. We have collected here the most diverse selection of the world's most powerful candles. Prepared by special initiates with years of training, these candles have all been hand-made with precious herbs and roots, the rarest scents, and other overwhelmingly powerful ingredients.

Each of these intricately prepared candles have been worked on for months, crafted and decorated according to the most exacting rituals, prayed over and blessed for months until they are finally ready to do the job for which they were designed. To give you whatever it is that you need.

Yes--we have them all in stock, but do not think of this as just a trip to the Wal-Mart. These are not toys. This is no parlor game. Purchasing any of them is your gateway to a world of unbelievable power. The staggering potential of these incredible occult tools is not to be taken lightly.

To do so would be reckless beyond reason. These candles are Power. They are the way to all worldly desires. They are the tools which have been used since the beginning of recorded history to both create and destroy the greatest empires of the ancient world. They have been used by kings and emperors for ten thousand years to seize and hold power. In our modern world, they are the daily tools of the most powerful CEOs and the strongest dictators. The rich and powerful have used candles such as these to control their worlds for millennia. 

Now, at last, such unlimited power is available to anyone.

Finally, you can have whatever you want. These candles are your sure-fire path to joy and prosperity. They are as simple and effective to use today as they were at the dawn of time when they were first molded by the wizard kings of pre-history. These incredible tools predate books, scrolls, and even alphabets. Do not be deceived by their simplicity, however. They are one of the most overwhelmingly powerful magical devices ever created. All we've done is take all the work out of using them so you can achieve maximum results with ease.